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מחסום זרוע לבקרת כניסה של רכבים

Barrier arm gates

Vehicle access control

We provide and install high-quality arm barriers that can be integrated with a vehicle access control system.  

Combined with an LPR camera that decodes vehicle numbers, access control automation can be achieved while maintaining security. 

מחסומי זרוע

Console securitu gates

Vehicle access control

Console security gates come in a variety of designs and colors. Console security gates allow a great level of security, and prevents pedestrian access when the gate is closed. 

שער קונזולי כחול
שערים קונזוליים
דלתות מסך מהירות

Speed doors

For factories, package facilities and more

The speed doors allow control and monitoring of the entrance to certain areas, while maintaining climate control and preventing the entry of birds.  

The door allows quick access with a forklift.
You can choose from a variety of colors, with or without a window.

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