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Moving People

Access control systems

We specialize in the integration of access control systems. We use the best systems in the world and we have also developed a number of systems. 

מערכת בקרת כניסה אליגטור


Access control system developed by Artnet

Alligator system is an exclusive system that we have developed. The system allows control and monitoring of elevators, entrances, and exits.


Cloud access control system

The Openpath system is an innovative and groundbreaking system that enables identification via the smartphone.  

מערכת Openpath לבקרת כניסה ללא מגע
מערכת טייקו CEM

Tyco CEM

Access control system

A professional and comprehensive access control system that connects to a variety of other systems and allows maximum adjustment to the customer's needs. 


Crowd Counting System

A crowd counting system that allows tracking the number of people in the space at any given moment.  

Countrite's system has been installed by us in a variety of malls around Israel.

The system allows measuring distance between people. 

מדידת מרחק בין לקוחות_PNG2_PNG.webp
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