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About us

Artnet systems IGP is a private company contractor. We are highly experienced integrators of security, access control, and communications systems. We collaborate with leading local and global companies. We offer various solutions. We execute projects in a turn-key level.

Artent IGP Systems is engaged in projects in the fields of instrumentation and control, access control, communications, cameras, computers, telephony, VOIP, NET DVR and electronics.

The company was founded in August 2000 and has established itself in the Israeli market as a leader in complex projects in the field of control and computing.

We base our work in a strict adherence to the project quality. We work with particularly high standards, under the quality standard 9001/2015 of the Israeli Standards Institute.

מעברים מהירים

Our principles

The manner in which the company's tasks are performed, dictates overall responsibility for the project. The company is commited as a whole, and each of its employees in particular to adhere to the following principles of execution:

  • Submitting advanced solutions without compromise, while maintaining competitive prices.

  • Ensuring a high level of performance to customer satisfaction, while meeting standards.

  • Promoting the technological level in every project for the benefit of the customer.

  • Maintaining the good of the customer throughout the project, on the premise: Customer for the project - customer for life.

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