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About us

Artnet systems IGP is a private company contractor. We are highly experienced integrators of security, access control, and communications systems. We collaborate with leading local and global companies. We offer various solutions. We execute projects in a turn-key level. 



Itai Reshef, CEO of Azrieli Towers

The service provided by Artent is high-quality and professional, first-class, which satisfies the congestion needs and the strict security requirements that are customary with us.

Gil Friedler, Haifa Port

Artnet AGP Systems Ltd. meets the stringent requirements of the port, both in the quality of work and in service and professionalism.

לקוחות מספרים

We service a variety of businesses and industries


Artent AGP Systems Ltd.

Beit Harishonim 24, Emek Hefer Industrial Park.

Phone: 09-8663830

Fax: 09-8664565


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